Following the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, the interest in energy efficient roofing has grown immensely. Energy efficient roofs aren’t just limited to solar power, but can include tile and metal roofs, which can cut energy costs by reflecting radiant heat. These roofs are also environmentally responsible, and made by sustainable resources.

An upcoming segment of “Success Files,” hosted by award-winning actor Rob Lowe, will highlight advancements in such roofs — products very similar to what Miami-Dade County’s own Lifetime Roofing offers.

Technological advancements have made it possible to have high energy efficient roofing. Cool-metal roofing and color technology are a few of the many examples of energy efficient roofing. Lighter shades keep the surface cool thus keeping energy costs low as they reflect much of the sun’s heat. Lightly colored metal roofs are more reflective and can save up to 40 percent energy.

When choosing a reflective roof, it’s important to consider the expected energy savings. Metal roofs are incredibly environmentally friendly when made from 100 percent recyclable material.

According to a press release from “Success Files,” Lowe will touch on the different types of energy efficient roofs alongside an experienced team that is highly committed to delivering a high-quality show for viewers.

The “Success Files” is a popular, award-winning educational series distributed to PBS member stations nationwide. The goal of the show is to effectively communicate the most critical stories to a wide and diverse audience.

Lowe became a popular TV figure during the 1980s and most recently on shows such as “West Wing”, “Brothers and Sisters”, “Parks and Recreation,” and DirecTV commercials.

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